Why “God” is not the answer.

Loving our children for who they are and where they are….

808 [the adventures]

If you are a person of faith then we have all have a common ground, don’t we? We believe that good came down and brought hope and peace to a messed up world. We believe that everyone has access to that hope and peace if they want it. We also believe that hope and peace are our cornerstone, rock, and anchor.

Where our common ground gets muddied is when God becomes the universal answer for struggle or success. What’s the answer for that hurting person? “God”. What’s wrong with that person? “They don’t have God.” Why does that family have it so hard? “They must not pray to God.” Why is that family so blessed? “God”.

Now, we don’t (or at least I would hope not) say it quite that bluntly. But we may think it. Because surely, if something is wrong, or tension is felt, or doubt and the…

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