How Not to Integrate Technology

Pernille Ripp

After reading this wacky post “Encouraging Teachers to use Technology” I had to respond with a heartycongratulations!After all, this article highlights many of the things we so diligently try to avoid whenintroducinganythingunknown to people; rewards, punishment, fear. So let’s think about it for a moment; how could you make sure that no one wants to ever integrate technology:
  • Outdated equipment – with scrunched school budgets and schools falling into disrepair, this is a common culprit. Who wants to use technology when thecomputerlooks like an extra from the original 90210? Well some people make do and even do great things but to get more people to truly integrate you may have to invest a little bit of money.
  • Listening sessions only on how to use it. Teacherslove to talk and boy when explaining technology and how cool it is, we can get rather winded. How about letting people try it…

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