How to Unleash the Uncreative Children

Choice and voice is so powerful! 🙂

Pernille Ripp

image from icanread

I was a dreadfully uncreative child.  Sure, I would draw trees, flowers, animals, but whenever someone told me to unleash my creativity, my heart sank and my page usually stayed empty.  Writing was slightly better, but I tended to stay on tangents so much that even I couldn’t tell my stories apart after awhile.  And singing?  While I loved to sing, I couldn’t just create something out of thin air no matter how hard I wanted to.  No, I would never be a jazz singer.

When I look back on my childhood I see that I was probably not alone.  Many of my friends weren’t explosively creative either and while these days when we have uncreative children we tend to blame our school system, I think it was just the way we were.  We didn’t know how to be creative so we weren’t.

I see this play…

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